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At Alliance Publications, Inc. (API), we pride ourselves on publishing quality music with interest, charm, and challenge for school, church, community, and professional musicians. Since 1989, we have helped build a community of composers, teachers, and eager listeners who value distinctive music.

API publishes in three areas: educational/professional music, sacred/liturgical music and Czech and Slovak classical music and concerts. We provide music for soloists, choral groups, ensembles, band, and orchestra.

API specializes in traditional and contemporary sacred music gleaned from around the world, and musical treasures gleaned from Czech and Slovak composers of classical and folk music, enjoyed by the world community of musicians. Currently, we have 65 Czech composers working with us. For Czech pronunciation, API provides CDs or MP3s for each title published.

APIs other specialty includes its classical, liturgical and original sacred music collection in English, Latin and other languages. Our composers reside in convents or monasteries in the United States and Europe, where a community of praise celebrates their own music. Sacred music gives voice to the spiritual values and aspirations of each culture.

For more information about our publications, refer to our catalogs.

PHONE:         608-748-4411 x124            
SUPPORT:            api@apimusic.org                           
SUPPORT:            apimusic@dcwis.com   

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Alliance Publications, Inc.
585 County Road Z
SinsinawaWI 53824-0157