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Siegfried Stolte (Pron. ZEEG-freed SHOLE- tah), is a German composer born on 2 October 1925 in Halberstadt (Sachsen-Anhalt). He studied music at the Leipzig Music University with Carl Schäfer (bassoon) and Wilhelm Weismann (composition). From 1925-1958, Stolte became the Director of the Altenburg Music School near Leipzig. In 1958-1959, he became Assistant Professor at the Academy of Music in Leipzig. The following year, 1960-61, he became Lecturer at the Institute of Fine Arts in Baghdad, Iraq, and conductor of the National Symphony Orchestra of the Republic of Iraq. From 1961-1973, he became Lecturer at the University of Music in Leipzig. For the next ten years, 1973-1983, he was the Director of the Waren (Müritz) Music School in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. In 1984, Siegfried Stolte became a freelance composer. He died 2 June, 1991 in Berlin.

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