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Milos Štedroň (b. February 9, 1942 in Brno, Czechoslovakia), composer and musicologist is the nephew of Vladimír Štedroň and Bohumír Štedroň. He achieved his degrees in musicology and Czech at Brno University in 1959-1964, taking the doctorate in 1967, where his teachers were Racek and his uncle Bohumír Štedroň. From 1965 to 1970, he studied composition and music theory under Piňos, Ištvan, Kohoutek and Kapr at the Brno Academy, after which he completed a postgraduate course in electronic music.


He began his teaching career, in the late 1970’s, in the arts and pedagogical faculties at Brno University. He took the C.Sc. in 1985 with a dissertation on 20th century music and the works of Janáček Brno Academy where he was appointed lecturer in 1991 and university professor in 1994. With Parsch, Růžička and Medek, he has engaged in collective composition, a principle stemming from experimental Czech music of the late 1960’s.


His musicological work has focused as early music history, in particular the Renaissance and Baroque, music of the 20th century and a special styudy of the work of Janáček, he is co-editor of a critical edition of the complete works and the author of numerous monographs and studies on Janáček. Together with the composer and music theorist Leoš Faltus, he has reconstructed and prepared for perfromance several of Janáček’s works, among them the “Violin Concerto” and the symphonic poem “Dunaj” (“The Danube”). He has also co-produced and completed, in the case of the operatic fragment Johannes Doctor Faustus stage work by his friend Josef Berg, who died prematurely at the age of 43. As a composer, Štědroň’s work encompasses various genres, among them incidental music, film music and folk-influenced musicals and operas, the fruit of his collaboration with the avant-garde theatre Goose on the String. His concert music often draws on folklore and early music, especially that of the Renaissance, and yet also reveals an in-depth knowledge of techniques associated with new music of the 1960’s and jazz.


Since 2000, Miloš Štědroň has been Vice Dean and Professor of the Philosophical Faculty at Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic.


Contemporary Guitar Pieces is a collection of 4 distinquished guitar compositions written by Štědroň and premiered by Guitarist, Vladislav Bláha, friend —Bicinia, Virelais, Let’s Four Captains… and Psalterium. Founder and Director of the Czech Guitar Society and the International Guitar Festival Brno, Bláha has championed contemporary literature on his concert tours in Europe, the United States and in the Orient playing to audiences with rave reviews.


Compact disc recordings which include these solos are:

  • Cithara Poetica—Poetic Guitar – Vladislav Bláha, guitar; Rak, Štědroň, Novák, Koshkin, Bodorová, Tesař, Martinček, Kleynjans  ROTON RT 003-2131 – AP-00071-CD
  • Caprices et Měditations – Michaela Slavíkova;, flute & piccolo Vladislav Bláha, guitar MISL 0099001 – AP-00104-CD
  • Miloš Štědroň hudba s kytarou Pieces with Guitar by Miloš Štědroň, Satie, Bartok, Ibert, Villa-Lobos, Štědroň, Janáček, Vladislav Bláha, guitar and Friends PIVOX SV 104m – AP-00105-CD

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