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Jiří Šmutny (b. 1 April, 1932 – Prague) is a Czech conductor and composer. From 1951-1955 he studied conducting (with Václav Smetáček, Robert Brock) and composition (with Karel Janeček and Emil Hlobil – the second branch in conducting without discharge) at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. After graduation, he joined the accompanist position at the Academy (1955/1956), since 1956, he was accompanist at the National Theatre (1956/1978). In 1980 he took the place of teacher academic subjects and musical conductor of the orchestra at the music school in Voršilská in Prague.

From 1996 to 2012, he was professor of harmony, counterpoint and musical form teaching at Pablo Neruda Gymnasium. Besides four operas Smutný composed, inter alia, a bass clarinet concerto, a flute and a harpsichord concerto, a Sinfonietta for piano and orchestra, a Requiem and other vocal works, chamber music and works for solo instruments.

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