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Daniel Seibel (b. 1969) Daniel was born and raised in rural Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Since grade school he has been extensively involved in the concert band arena, having participated in numerous honors bands and scoring well in WSMA local and state Solo and Ensemble Festivals. He studied clarinet technique under the faithful and demanding tutelage of Mrs. Donna Wirth who mentored him through high school and beyond. One of his first memorable musi- cal experiences was participating in his first Lakeland College Music Camp, where he was exposed to a plethora of standard band repertoire that inspired him to eventually pen his own works. The very first band in which he was placed with his favorite instrument—the bass clarinet—was directed by Mr. Ron Knoener, who inspired him to return to the same annual camp year after year, and who has himself published numerous original compositions. Daniel eventually matriculated into the music performance program at Lakeland College with an emphasis on clarinet. He studied theory, technique, and composition under the diligent direction of Dr. Lewis Schmidt, but decided to digress into the field of Medical Technology. He graduated with a BA in Biology and Chemistry from Lakeland College in 1992, and currently works as a medical technologist at the University of Madison, Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics, where he has worked for the last 20 years in various laboratories, most recently microbiology.


In his spare time, Daniel Seibel composes music for concert band and small ensembles and has premiered various works with such area bands as MATC Community Band, Sun Prairie Community Band, and the Madison Wind Ensemble. His fascination with standard concert band repertoire such as the works of Gustav Holst, motion picture scores, and decades of experience playing clarinet in concert bands has proven influential in his compositions. He greatly enjoys using music as a canvas to convey tone poems. The constant love and encouragement from his parents, his childhood and college musical mentors, as well as advice from many gifted friends and family continue to inspire him.