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Stanislav Šebek (born Nov. 12, 1925; died May 11, 1984) was a Czech music educator, organist and composer born in a family of farmers from Božova, Czechoslovakia. Having been blind since birth, he was admitted to the nursery in the newly established Hradčany Institute for Blind Children in Prague where he educated as well. Already at the time of compulsory school attendance, he showed great musical talent, so he learned to play several musical instruments, and later on the organ. Thanks to his talent and hard work, in 1947, he successfully performed his state exam at the Prague Conservatory. His teacher, A. Perman, valued him as his best pupil. Šebek studied composition with Jaroslav Křičky. In the United Kingdom, he was able to sign several lectures on music history and aesthetics.


In 1948, he began to function as a music teacher at the Castle, but after the governmental reorganization that took place shortly thereafter, he was transferred to the Bohusoduv Gymnazium as a music teacher and organist until 1959. Following the violent abolition of the school in 1959, he became a teacher and organist for the LSU in Chabařovice.


He has composed 200 songs, mostly religious, including five masses. The restored Bishop’s Gymnazium now has a commemorative plaque displayed to remember his dedicated musical contribution to the school from 1948-1959.

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