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Czech composer Miroslav Raichl was born February 2, 1930 in Náchod, a northern Moravian town in the Czech Republic. Upon completing middle school, he began studies in music specializing in music education at the conservatory from 1948-49 and then in the graduating class of Pavel Bořkovec at AMU in Prague from 1949-1953 followed by being an aspirant with V. Dobias from 1953-1956. Having completed his studies, he worked for a short while in the Czech Music Archives from 1958-1962 then as secretary in the composing section the years 1965-70. After this, Raichl taught music at the Conservatory and in 1980 continued at the Pardubice Music Conservatory.


As a composer, Raichl worked toward the symphony and in the genre of today’s youth and politics. Through this approach, he developed a style which he continually used as is apparent in his main themes. An overview of his compositions indicates various common characteristics. Vocal works dominate his repertoire from song to choruses for opera. There is a particularly strong output of vocal works for children. Raichl’s children’s music, like his work for adults, tells the story of the children’s world realistically, while showing his truly artistic abilities and at the same time avoids expressing the feeling of fantasizing of children.


The other claim is the author’s professionalism and concern for instructing composition. His composing continually produces support for his compositions in his native country and abroad. Since 1960, his compositions successfully won many prizes in choral competitions in Jihlava, Jirkov, Budapest and Tours, France.

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