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Alliance Publications (API) publishes Czech and Slovak classic and folk music, educational and professional music, traditional music, liturgical and sacred music for choral performances, band and orchestra ensembles.

API is an imprint of the Fred Bock Publishing Group and part of a family of companies dedicated to providing a diverse catalog of choral music from around the globe.

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Joel Blahnik, Czech music composer, conductor, writer, and researcher. Alliance Publications, Inc.

Joel Blahnik

Joel Blahnik, highly regarded by Wisconsin music educators and professionals in the U.S. and Europe, devoted 33 years to instrumental music education. Post-retirement in 1993, he maintained an active career as a composer, conductor, writer, and researcher.

With more than 200 compositions published by Alliance Publications, Blahnik’s work has been featured in national symposia, international festivals, and numerous concerts, gaining him recognition across America. Globally influential, Blahnik co-founded the Czech Music Alliance, earning the title “Mr. Czech Music of the USA” for his global advocacy and contributions to Czech music.

Otmar Mácha

Otmar Mácha

Otmar Mácha (1922-2006), the eminent Czech composer, is celebrated for symphonies, chamber music, and the monumental “Czech Requiem.” Integrating tradition and avant-garde, Mácha’s work resonates with a profound national and cultural essence. His international influence, coupled with his advocacy for Czech music, defines a lasting legacy.

Lively and infused with humor, "Za Tou Naši Storoličkou" is an enjoyable experience!

“ZA TOU NAŠÍ STOROLIČKOU,” composed by Václav Kalika and arranged by Miroslav Košler (1931-2016), is a whimsical Czech folk song from the Chodsko region for SATB a cappella choir. The 2-minute piece combines lively lyrics and a captivating melody, infused with humor, creating an enjoyable experience for performers and audiences alike.

A Czech pronunciation guide and English translation are included, enhancing the accessibility of this cultural gem. Celebrating Czech musical heritage, the song invites choristers to harmonize and embrace the charm of Chodsko’s folk traditions.

"Ze Želinárské Zahradky" (From The Vegetable Garden) offers a delightful exploration of nature's bounty.

ZE ZELINÁŘSKÉ ZAHRÁDKY, a captivating 7-song cycle by Czech composer Jiří Laburda designed for Unison Choir with Piano, offers a delightful exploration of nature’s bounty. Each piece in the cycle, including titles such as “Hlávka zelí” (Head of Cabbage) and “Zlatý déšt’” (Golden Rain), paints a vivid musical picture of various vegetables and their unique characteristics.

With a Grade: E rating, the cycle is accessible for a wide range of choirs. The inclusion of a Czech pronunciation guide and English translations ensures that performers and audiences can fully appreciate the poetic and cultural nuances embedded in Laburda’s work.

The duration of 11:13 allows for a comprehensive yet manageable performance, making it an ideal addition to choral repertoires. The Jiří Laburda Choral Library continues to enrich the choral landscape, showcasing the composer’s creative brilliance and commitment to musical storytelling.

Zdenek Lukas, Czech Composer

Zdeněk Lukáš

Zdeněk Lukáš (1928–2007), a distinguished Czech composer born in Prague, made significant contributions to 20th-century classical music. His extensive and diverse body of work seamlessly merged traditional tonality with modernist techniques, reflecting his innovative approach to composition. Lukáš, a key figure in the post-mid-20th-century Czech music scene, demonstrated a deep connection to his cultural roots by incorporating Czech folk elements into his music.

The Zdeněk Lukáš legacy endures through a rich array of orchestral, chamber, and choral compositions, as well as film scores, all of which showcase his versatility and enduring impact on Czech classical music.

"Your House Is Beautiful" is a delightful and expressive journey.

Cecil Steffen’s composition, “Your House Is Beautiful,” featuring text by Bridget McCarron inspired by Psalms 84, proves versatile for both concert and worship settings. With a thoughtful selection of lyrics, “Your House Is Beautiful” not only showcases Steffen’s musical prowess but also provides a platform for SSA choirs to convey a message of beauty, grace, and harmony.

Particularly poignant for occasions like All Saints, funerals, and healing services, this piece is designed for SSA Choir with Piano accompaniment. Edited by Anita Smisek, the composition not only offers a musically enriching experience but also serves as a meaningful addition to diverse choral occasions, blending spirituality and artistic expression.

"Žena (Woman)" offers a nuanced and emotive portrayal of the diverse experiences associated with femininity.

“ŽENA” composed by Vladimír Soukup (1930-2012) features three emotionally charged songs with lyrics by Frána Šrámek, designed for Soprano Vocal Solo with Piano. The compositions, ‘Dívka – Girl’ (3’20”), ‘Žena – Woman’ (3’15”), and ‘Matka – Mother’ (5’25”), showcase Soukup’s adeptness in capturing nuanced emotions across different life stages. The solo soprano voice, accompanied by piano, highlights the depth of Šrámek’s poetic verses.

With a Czech pronunciation guide and English translations, the work is accessible globally, enhancing the connection to the lyrical narrative. Published by Alliance Publications in 2017 and available via Print on Demand, “ŽENA” invites performers to bring its stirring melodies and poetic verses to life on stage.


Gordon Krunnfusz

Gordon Krunnfusz (July 22, 1931 – July 8, 2011) displayed an early passion for music, starting with the accordion at age 5 and progressing to the piano, trumpet, and organ by age 11. His musical journey continued as he earned a Bachelor of Music Education from North Central College in 1952 and later a Master of Music Education from Northwestern University in 1958. After a brief stint playing French Horn in the Army band, he dedicated years to teaching choral music in Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin. Despite retiring from school, Mr. Krunnfusz remained an active church organist and engaged in various musical pursuits, including directing choirs and participating in community groups. As a devoted family man, he found immense joy in his wife, four children, and their families. Notably, he was the father of composer Dan Krunnfusz and maintained honorary membership in the Trelawnyd Male Choir in Wales, where he had once contributed to their two national competition victories.

About Alliance Publications

At Alliance Publications, Inc. (API), we pride ourselves on publishing quality music with interest, charm, and challenge for school, church, community, and professional musicians. Since 1989, we have helped build a community of composers, teachers, and eager listeners who value distinctive music.

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API specializes in traditional and contemporary sacred music gleaned from around the world, and musical treasures gleaned from Czech and Slovak composers of classical and folk music, enjoyed by the world community of musicians.

For Czech pronunciation, API provides CDs or MP3s for each title published.

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API publishes in three areas:

Educational/Professional music
Sacred/Liturgical music
Czech & Slovak Classical Music & Concerts.

We provide music for soloists, choral groups, ensembles, band, and orchestra.

VÁCLAV Nelhybel, composer

Václav Nelhybel

Václav Nelhýbel stands as a prolific Czech-American composer and conductor renowned for his significant contributions to contemporary classical music. His diverse body of work encompasses symphonies, chamber music, and over 400 compositions for concert band and choir. Nelhýbel’s compositions reflect a fusion of modernist and traditional elements, showcasing his innovative approach to musical expression. His enduring impact is evident in the lasting influence he has had on the realm of American and European classical music.

Piano & Guitar Books

An Approach to Fingering in Piano Playing: Concert pianist, teacher, and composer Ejnar Krantz’s 1954 doctoral dissertation from Chicago Musical College, “An Approach to Fingering in Piano Playing,” offers valuable insights and illustrations. The book provides rationale and examples from standard classical piano literature.

• Ejnar Krantz Compositions

First Steps – Guitar Method Book, authored by Italian guitarist and composer Gaetano Troccoli, is designed for novice Grade 1-2 guitar players. Sheet music examples are available in the designated tab.

Sheet Music For Guitar

Little Pieces for the Piano, Vol. I by Australian composer Paul Paviour caters to Beginner to Intermediate Level pianists (Grade 3-4). Divided into two books, volume I features charming tunes like “My Very First Piece,” “Windy Days,” and “Teenage Toccata.”

• Browse Piano & Keyboard Compositions

David J Gardner, composer

David J. Gardner

David J. Gardner’s compositions include marches, pop, classical and ragtime music for sax choir, brass choir, woodwind choir and smaller ensembles. He holds a B.M.E. and M.S.T. degree from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh with additional credits from Vander Cook College of Music in Chicago. He has been the band director at East High School, Green Bay, Wisconsin since 1979.

Czech Music History Books

IMPRINTS: Essays on Czech Music and Aesthetics is an English text authored by Jan Vičar, published in hardback by Togga, Prague, 2005. Jan Vičar is a professor-musicologist at Palacký University in Olomouc.

• Visit Our Czech Folk Songs Collection

In A History of the Trombone in the Czech Lands, Joel Blahník meticulously unravels the nuanced evolution of trombone playing in Czech music, offering a concise yet thorough account that illuminates the instrument’s profound cultural impact on the region’s musical landscape.

• Browse Trombone Duet Music

Antonín Dvořák: The Dramatist, by Jitka Brabcová and Jarmil Burghauser, features scholarly articles offering insights into Antonín Dvořák’s operas, courtesy of the Dvořák Society of Prague, Czech Republic.

• Antonín Dvořák Compositions

Anita Smisek, Alliance Publication, Inc.

Anita Smisek

Anita Smisek, OP, born in 1941 in Lonsdale, Minnesota, is a versatile musician—soprano, organist, pianist, and composer. Raised by her musically inclined mother, Rose Smisek, she cherishes memories of family piano sessions. An accomplished piano student, she earned a Certificate Piano Recital in 1959. As a Sinsinawa Dominican Sister since 1960, Anita promotes Czechoslovak music and directs special concerts. Serving as Music Director-Organist at St. Wenceslaus Church from 1983-1991, she restored the parish’s ethnic religious song. Anita actively engages in music research, recording ancestral heritage, and co-founded Alliance Publications, Inc. in 1989. Since 1992, she’s been a staff member at Sinsinawa Mound Center, coordinating Sinsinawa Studios and teaching music.

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