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Alfréd Zemanovský was born February 9,1919 at Linz, Austria and died at Banská Bystrica, Slovakia April 3, 1994. He attended the Gymnazium at Prievidzi from 1937-1939 and then from 1944 studied at the Conservatory of Music in Bratislava. From 1954-1969, he directed the Bratislava Radio Choir, Suboru L’UT. At the same time, until 1972, he worked as a music publisher for Supraphon and OPUS, the state recording companies. Zemanovský was from 1975-1981 director of the Slovak Composers’ Association.
As a composer, Zemanovský produced chamber music for instruments and orchestra, but his largest output is in choral music, his field of greatest strength and experience: mixed choir (23 titles), women’s choir (29), men’s choir (12) and children’s choir (44).
Tri l’ubostne piesne (Three Love Songs) was composed in 1976. It is a suite of three folk Slovak love songs which are arranged for three-part treble a cappella choir and have become beloved in choral circles in Slovakia.

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