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Arthur Campbell Ainger, M.A., son of the Rev. F. A. Ainger, incumbent of Hampstead, Middlesex, was born in 1841 at Blackheath, graduated at Trinity College, Cambridge, 1864, Assistant Master at Eton 1864-1901. Author of Eton Songs, 1901-2; Carmen Etonense, Vale, and joint author with H. G. Winkle, M.A., of an English-Latin Verse Dictionary.

Arthur Campbell Ainger‘s hymns in common use are the following:

1. “God is working His purpose out.” [Missions.] Written and first published in 1894, with Dedication to Archbishop Benson. It was given in Church Hymns, 1903, Hymns Ancient & Modern, 1904, and other collections.

2. “God of our Fathers, unto Thee.” [National Thanksgiving.] Included in English Hymnal, 1906.

3. “Let all our brethren join in one.” [Harvest.] Included in C. W. A. Brooke’s Additional Hymns, 1903.

4. “Let God arise to lead forth those.” [In Time of War.] Written in 1900, and first printed in the Times the same year. Subsequently pub. by Novello & Co., with music by Sir J. Stainer, and included in Church Hymns, 1903, and Hymns Ancient & Modern, 1904.

5. “Like a mighty man rejoicing in his strength.” [Missions.] Written by request for the S.P.G. Centenary, and published in the Centenary collection of Hymns, 1901.

6. “Not ours to mourn and weep.” [Lent. For the Young.] First published in the Public School Hymn Book, 1903.

7. “On them who here, O Lord.” [Holy Matrimony.] A Wedding Hymn, published with music by Novello & Co., 1903. A most acceptable addition to hymns for Holy Matrimony.

8. “Praise the Lord: today we raise Hymns of thankfulness and praise.” [For Victory] Written in 1902, and first printed in the Times, and then, with music, by Novello & Co. Included in Church Hymns, 1903.

9. “Praise the Lord! today we sing. Birthday of our Founder King.” [For Founder’s Day.] Written for use at Eton, and included in Eton Songs, 1891-2, as “Hymn for Founder’s Day.” Admirably suited, with slight change in the opening line, for any Public School.

10. “Uprose the stately temple.” [Dedication of a School Chapel]. Written in 1891, and published in his Eton Songs, 1891-2.

Arthur Campbell Ainger has written several other hymns, including one for the Coronation of King Edward VII, a Thanksgiving Hymn for his recovery from sickness (“Skeffingtons”), and others not in common use.

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