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Italian composer Gaetano Troccoli has studied guitar under Maurizio Preda and graduated from the Conservatorium “G. Verdi” in Milan. He has also graduated in Paleography and Music Philology at the University of Pavia, Italy.
Professor of Music Education for many years, he started teaching classic guitar in 1994 at the Music Institute “F. Vittadini” in Pavia and from 1997 he is also teaching in middle schools with a music curriculum.
He gives many concerts, in different chamber music ensembles, as well. With the guitar sextet Concordia Chordis, he recorded the following recording CDs: Live in Varese, Six Christmas Strings, Tacaa sul mur. He is also author of various vocal pieces, compositions for solo guitar and for different ensembles (among which a Concert and a Fantasia for guitar and orchestra).
Naples, located in the south of Italy, is known for centuries for its unique music and song culture in which combines the popular song miraculously with art music. Entitled Canozoni Napoletane, Gaetano Troccoli presented in this issue a number of popular songs of the genre with a focus on the guitar. The musician finds both playable solo arrangements for classical guitar, and arrangements for guitar and a melody instrument. As such, can be used here, the flute, the violin, the mandolin or a second guitar. Moreover, who would sing the songs to the guitar, which has this issue numerous leadsheets in text, melody and accompaniment chords
Troccoli Guitar Repertoire published byAPI

Solo Guitar:

  • “Antologia” – 2011 – solo guitar – grade 3 /4/5 – AP-04219
Guitar Ensemble:
  • “First steps” – 2011 – solo guitar – grade 1 /2 – AP-04218
  • “Aria” – 2013 – 3 guitars – grade 1 – Dur: 1:10 – AP-04223
  • “Calypso” – 2005 – 3 guitars – grade 4 – Dur: 2:00 – AP-04224
  • “Danza Andina” – 2011 – 4 guitars – grade 3 – Dur: 2:20 – AP-04225
  • “Open Eye” – 2011 – 3 guitars – grade 2 – Dur: 1:10 – AP-04221
  • “Step by Step” -2013 – 3 guitars – grade 1 – Dur: 1:00 – AP-04220
  • “Tropical Song” – 2005 – 3 guitars – grade 3 – Dur: 2:15 – AP-04222

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