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Jarmil Michael Burghauser (born Jarmil Michael Mokrý, October 21, 1921 at Písek, died February 19, 1997, at Prague) was a Czech composer, conductor, and musicologist.
After the short-lived Prague Spring, he incurred the disfavor of his country’s Communist regime and had to adopt the pseudonym Michal Hájků in order to write a series of compositions in a style which evoked earlier periods of music, called Storie apocrifa della musica Boema.
The works of Antonín Dvořák are commonly referred to today by their Burghauser numbers (as an alternative to the often confusing or absent opus numbers), which come from an authoritative chronological catalog Burghauser prepared of Dvořák’s œuvre. Dvořák’s pieces were not published in the order he wrote them, and his publisher gave his works opus numbers corresponding to publishing date. Burghauser has helped greatly to clear up this confusion.

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