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Czech composer Milan Uherek was born in 1925 in Hodonín Bzenec, a village in the Czech Republic. He studied music, philosophy and Czech language at Masaryk University in Brno, and music composition and piano at the Brno Music Conservatory. For many years, Milan worked as the director and choir conductor of the Liberec opera company, and wrote music for the needs of the theater.
In 1958, he and his wife, Jirina, founded the children’s choir, Severáček, which grew into one of the most excellent choir schools in the Czech Republic. Milan Uherek has contributed greatly to the choral repertoire for children through his original works and arrangements for children’s choir of all levels.
Severáček has an internationally known reputation for the highest excellence in choral music and performance having won awards in choral competitions and has toured extensively throughout the years in most European countries. More recently, tours have included the USA, Jordan and Syria. Serving as teacher, accompanist, and composer of the Severáček’s choir literature had been his life. Since 2000, he had turned over the care and direction of Severáček to new directors, the Palka’s, Petr and Sylvie. He remained beloved to the choir and assisted them whenever called upon as coach, composer-arranger, and friend!
Milan Uherek died Thursday, August 9, 2012 at the age of 86 years.

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