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Mojmír Bártek, (born April 26, 1942 Czechoslovakia) resides in Brno in the Czech Republic. His musical education was focused on mastering the trombone at the Brno Conservatory of Music from 1963-1967. Later on, from 1976-1980, he mastered Composition at the Janáček Academy of Music also in Brno. For over 43 years, Mojmír Bártek has been an active orchestral musician and trombone soloist playing with Gustav Brom’s Big Band. He is the founder of the All Stars Band of Brno and a lecturer at the Janáček Academy of Music and instructor at the Jazz Workshop in Frydlant.
Mojmír has taken part in numerous playing tours abroad with some of the world’s best known jazz celebrities, eg. a European tour of The Supremes, a 1968 Maynard Ferguson tour, and a one-month tour with the Ray Coniff Orchestra. He has recently performed with singer, Shirley Bassey, in Germany.
Mojmír Bártek has written more than 200 compostions. His works have been recorded on LP’ and SP records (Polymelodus, Silhouetts, and Maxispectrum) as well as working on Czech Radio productions. Many of these compositions have been performed during various jazz festivals around the world and are also produced in cooperation with the MUSAC company in the USA and Canada. The majority of his jazz compositions are combined with various pieces of chamber music such a “Trio for Brass Instruments,” “Spring Impressions,” “Brass Conversation,” and “Ritmo Bombastico.” Compositions for large symphonic 60-piece orchestras include the title Painting, Scout Dancing, and Playing Dice. Children’s instrumental pieces include “Playing Miniatures,” compositions for flute, cello, trumpet, etc. Other performances include various jazz festivals both at home and abroad including Norway’s Molde, Warsaw, Nurnberg, Moscow, Eindhoven, and Hertogen Bosch. Several other touring experiences include those taken in Cuba, India and France.

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