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Capriccio Per Orchestra Da Camera – Sc – Stg Orch



CAPRICCIO per orchestra da camera by Jiří Smutný is scored for Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, Solo Violin and Piano with full Strings this is a strong work form this renowned orchestral teacher and conductor from Prague. Movement I features strong rhythmic punctuations with musical motifs floating inventively about them. The movement is straightforward and has a bit of comedy with minor 2nds dancing together for special effects. Movement II has layered textures with all string parts dividing, presenting very ethereal sounds with solo Violin and Clarinet. Movement III is robust and energetic, beginning with a 2-note motif beneath the solo Trumpet and String glissandos. All the forces then combine together with great rhythmic energy and head home for a dynamic conclusion. Smutny knows all the instruments very well. The harmonies are modern but mellow. Perhaps the strongest element in this work giving it vitality and life is the rhythmic energy of the tutti ensemble. The music is not complex to conduct. University and professional level material. Grab it! Chamber Orchestra. Score. Grade: 4 Duration: 12:20

A capriccio or caprice (sometimes plural: caprices, capri or, in Italian, capricci), is a piece of music, usually fairly free in form and of a lively character. The typical capriccio is one that is fast, intense, and often virtuosic in nature.

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