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Divertimento For Strings – Sc – Stg Orch



DIVERTIMENTO FOR STRINGS by Václav Nelhýbel (1919-1996) is a contemporary 4-movement folk-like composition, featuring soli in the 3rd movement. Great energy! String Orchestra. Score. Grade: 5 Duration: 8:55

“Divertimento for Strings” is a contemporary four-movement composition for string orchestra, folk-like in character, featuring soli in the third movement.


Václav Néhybel composed this work after conducting his Music for Orchestra with the Jefferson High School Orchestra in Austin, Texas, who were chosen as the Honor Orchestra. Writing to Milan Svambera, he said, “Your orchestra is a amazing ensemble of young players with an enormouns musicality and communicative power. What you are doing is real music making and not just playing notes. I am very grateful to you for letting me conduct my Music for Orchestra. My having composed for you the “Divertimento” is an indication of my admiration for the wonderful accomplishments that you achieve with your young musicians. Please convey to all your players my warmest regards and tell them how much I enjoyed working with them.”


“All of the high school students were very enthusiastic about their premiere performance of “Divertimento for Strings” at the University Interscholastic League High School Orchestra Contest in May of 1968. The students felt proud of their instrumental part and its importance in the total musical score. Divertimento is of much value to the field of music education. I recommend this composition for high school level and/or junior high school with 9th grade students.”

— Milan Svambera, Conductor



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