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Elfenlied-Elf Song – Ttbb A Cap – TB/TTB/TTBB



ELF SONG has music and English words by Roy B. Hinkle (1929-2014) with German text by Eduard Mörike. This choral setting endeavors to express the naivete of a sleepy little elf who, upon being wakened by the town crier, is startled from his sleep. Being a curious character, he moves quickly through the forest to discover what he can find. He sees what he thinks is a wedding taking place and creeps up to what he imagines are windows to peep into. Mistaking what are really glow worms sitting in a row, he hits his head on a rock when attempting to peek in and literally “sees stars” as a result! It is a piece with which to have fun and allows for some dramatization as well. This song has German and English singing texts. TTBB a cappella Choir. Grade: M Duration: 1:55

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