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In The Grey Light Of Dawn – Voc 2 Pt-Pno – 2 pt



IN THE GREY LIGHT OF DAWN has music and words by Raymond Wentworth composed for Two-Part Choir with Piano. Grade: E Duration: 3:04

Text by RW:

In the grey light of dawn came the women three, with a sorrow beyond all console,

For their Jesus beloved, from heav’n above, on the Cross paid our terrible toll.

But your Lord is not here, said the angel to the three, See the stone has been rolled form the door.

Alleluia now sing To the Lord and risen King; Alleluia to the Lord forever more!

Have no terror nor fear that your Lord’s not here, He has eft death’s grasp far behind.

He has left his stony bed and the napkin for his head. Death has lost all its pow’r to hold and bind.

“No, your Lord is not here, said the angel to the three. “See, the stone has been rolled from the door.”

Alleluia now sing to the Lord and risen King. Alleluia to the Lord forever more!

On the first day of the week our praises speak to honor that wonderful day

when they heard, “Do not fear, for your Lord’s not here, for he lives, you will follow his way.”

Now our Lord’s everhere,

ever with us, far and near,

and we share in his resurrection now. Alleluia and amen!

And we sing it again! Alleluia, amen!

Now and evermore amen!

Praise our risen Lord evermore!

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