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MUSIC with music and words by Raymond Wentworth is an excellent song for development of “head” voice. Tessitura goes up to high F. Two-Part Choir with Piano. Grade: E Duration: 4:57

Text by RW:

When this world of vivid color in my heart has turned to grey,

and the sadness in my soul is simply more than I can say,

and my tongue no longer forms the words that I must use to pray, I

will tune my voice and sing a song of praise!

For the rhythm of the music has its magic way with me,

and the turning of the melody can cause my soul to flee

to its home above and far from the hurt of despondency

of the daily cares that hold it here below.

Only music can release the joy that surges here inside,

when the love of God comes clear to me and he is close beside,

and there’s nothing else will do but that his Name be glorified

with all the art and energy I have.

Then it’s music that I turn to for the language that I need,

to send back to God my thankfulness with ev’ry urgent speed,

for I’m ready then with all my heart and spirit to concede

my dependency on his fulfilling love.

Through all my days I will sing God’s praise

and keep my steps in all his ways.

His words endure,

and his mercy’s sure;

I will always sing his praise.

As heaven is my native home, so music is my speech;

it can tell of many deeper things than any words can reach,

and give utt’rance to the joy and to the sadness found in each

of the moments of this pilgrimage below.

It’s as if the sound of angel choirs could echo here on earth,

and the praises that we sing below reflect a hea’vnly worth,

unsuspected when our silence stops our praises at their birth,

in this foreign land we live in, each alone.

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