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Noble Country Of Our Birth: America – 2 Pt – 2 pt



NOBLE COUNTRY OF OUR BIRTH: AMERICA is the Czech hymn tune “Vzhůru srdce vlasti má” arranged by Anita Smisek and Joel Blahník with English text by Kieran Sawyer, SSND. Two-Part Choir with Keyboard. Grade: E Duration: 2:30


Noble country of our birth, mighty nation, proud and free, finest land in all the earth, land of hope and liberty. Faith and freedom is your story, stars and stripes proclaim God’s glory.

Richly God has blessed our land, fields and forests, lakes and seas, poured out gifts with gracious hand; praise we now our God for these. May thanksgiving be our story, stars and stripes proclaim God’s glory.

God, direct our nation’s cause: be our justice, be our truth. Be the wisdom in our laws; be the guidance of our youth. May your justice be our story, stars and stripes proclaim your glory.

May all comers to our shore, homeless, hungry, disposessed, find a welcome at our door, be with dignity addressed. May God’s goodness be our story, stars and strips proclaim God’s glory.

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