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There’s Fire Down Below – Ttbb A Cap – TB/TTB/TTBB



THERE’S FIRE DOWN BELOW is a Sea Chantey arrangement by Gordon Krunnfusz (1931-2011) for TTBB a cappella Choir. Grade: E Duration: 1:33



A simple village maiden with red and rosy cheeks, to me – way, hey, hee, hi, ho

Who went to church and Sunday school and sang the anthem sweet, there’s fire down below.

The parson was a misery, so scraggy and so thin, to me – way, hey, hee, hi, ho,

He said, “Look here, you people, if you live a life of sin, there’s fire down below.”

He took his text from Malachi and pulled a weary face to me – way, hey, hee, hi, ho,

I took my leave and sailed away that’s how I fell from grace. There’s fire down below.

There’s fire in the galley, and in the cabin too, to me – way, hey, hee, hi, ho,

But no fire in the fo’cs’le and it’s cold are the crew. There’s fire down below.

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