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Young Green Guys / Zelený Hoši – Br 5 – Brass Quintet



YOUNG GREEN GUYS with music by Jacob Beránek is based on an old Czech folksong, “Na tý louce zelený (On the Green Meadow)” which tells the story of a young hunter who is smitten with a lovely maiden. In the song, the hunter tells her to wait for him on the green meadow. This folk song has long been associated with the forest keepers of olden days. These young men, dressed in green uniforms, maintained the forests and woodlands. A 1917 piano edition of “Na tý louce zelený” by Louis Vítak of Chicago served as the basis of this arrangement for Mixed Brass Quintet. (Trumpet 1-2, French Horn, Trombone, Tuba). Grade: 2 Duration: 3:14

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