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Radoslav Zapletal (born May 15, 1937 Zlín, Czechoslovakia; died May 30, 2010 Brno, Czech Republic) Radoslav finished his musical studies at the Brno Conservatory of Music in 1957 and the Janáček Academy of Music in 1964 in the field of violin performance.
For 30 years, he played with the Brno Radio Orchestra of Folk Instruments. During this period, he created about 500 arrangements of folk songs for this orchestra and for a number of other ensembles as well. Then he became a member of the opera orchestra for the National Theatre in Brno in the Czech Republic.
Following an era of making music arrangements, Radoslav Zapletal focused on writing original compostions for choir, voice, and chamber music, eg. Capricietto for Cymbal, Variations on a Folk Song for Cymbal, Sonata for solo violin, Little Green Mountain for Dulcimer and String Quartet, and Morning, Noon and Night, a Suite for Strings. From 1992, he had been been doing private post-graduate study in composition with Professor Arnošt Parsch at the Brno Academy of Music. Duet for Trumpets, Elementary Violin Duets, and Four Violin Duets are examples of educational music written for students during this time. Quartet for woodwind quartet and Tercet were composed in 2002.

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